Jewelry exlusively designed and crafted for men released from new company in Skåne.

2020 the jewelry brand JonasPhilippe was founded, with the goal of giving men access to high-quality design and the opportunity to express themselves in a world of jewelry.

The jewelry from JonasPhilippe is made out of sterling silver (925) and decorated with precious stones and freshwater pearls. All the jewelry is created by Maria herself and she expresses beautiful playfulness with her own design. At the same time, she is deeply rooted in the story of why JonasPhilippe was created. A large part of the inspiration comes from Maria's father, a flamboyant globetrotter with a restless soul, who never had a boring day in his life.


– I want to take the music and cultures that added spice to my life and shaped me, along with dad's DNA and heritage. Melt it down and rebuild it, put on gems and jewelify the world. It's my way of celebrating life / Maria Phillips

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