Theresia Hvorslev started experimenting with jewelry as a thirteen-year-old, when she saw her two brothers make tin soldiers. Today, she is one of Sweden’s leading silversmiths with designs in silver and gold with diamond frames and pearls of highest quality.

Theresia is well aware of her responsibility to consolidate the reputation of the ancient Swedish silver craft and her workshop, where the goldsmiths produce all the jewelry by hand, is opposite to her shop in Lidköping. People who pass by the window can see the goldsmiths’ work with the latest designs.

Theresia Hvorslev has a solid position as a respected name in jewelry art through a dozen separate exhibitions and hundreds of collections at museums and galleries all over the world. Her works are currently represented at the Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft in Gothenburg, Malmö Museum, Norrköping Museum, Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum and Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York – the list goes on. Today, Theresia Hvorslev's daughter Tabita runs the company. However, Theresia remains as a designer and artistic consultant.

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