Since 2005, the Danish jewelry company Dulong Fine Jewelry has created collections of jewelry using the finest materials such as 18 K gold, pearls and diamonds.

The company is the result of a unique partnership between Marianne Dulong, founder and jeweler, and Anja Camilla Alajdi, creative director and renowned stylist. Today, the company is amongst the most exclusive jewelry companies in Denmark with a focus on outstanding craftsmanship.

Anja Camilla Alajdi and Marianne Dulong share a passion for contemporary design. From the very beginning their vision has been to create jewelry for the modern, independent, fashion- and quality oriented woman. The balance between the classic, edgy and glamorous jewelry aspires to the confident woman who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and does not compromise on quality or exclusivity.

– When I look back at the last decade, I’m struck by how we never did anything by half measures. We always wanted to work with the very best goldsmiths, find the most beautiful pearls, open our doors to the most inviting shops and employ the most talented people. Could we sometimes have taken shortcuts? Absolutely. But then the collections and the craftsmanship wouldn’t have been what it is today: Personal jewellery, Forever Now.

Recent press:

Damernas Värld, ELLE

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