It all started when Andrea Drakenberg and Ellen Sjölin met in 2000, as they were both living and working in New York. They both loved the city pulse but also discovered a shared longing for the Scandinavian nature’s untouched elegance. It was not until many years later, in 2009 when Andrea Drakenberg had completed her degree in silversmithing and jewellery design at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and Ellen Sjölin had a masters degree in economics, that they decided to capture that Nordic essence and make it wearable.

– Our aspiration is to make pieces that will remind the bearer of the strength and beauty in what is natural.

After only a few years DRAKENBERG SJÖLIN has managed to established itself as one of the most influential jewelry brands on the Swedish market. The idea to capture the beauty in simplicity and the choice of combining classic Nordic elegance with a contemporary minimalist look is behind the success.

The collection is made from 925 silver and 18k gold adorned with diamonds, gemstones or pearls to reflect the Scandinavian seasons of light and darkness. The deliberate details with the asymmetrical shapes creates a raw elegance and a delicate balance in the expression of each piece. The jewelleries are designed for comfort and simplicity and breathes both strength and elegant fragility. They enunciate a strong and personal, yet an elegant and classical look depending on the bearers styling of choice.

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