The Belgian brand BIGLI is one of the most innovative players in the luxury jewellery branch. BIGLI, founded in 1997, does not only stand out with the use of high-quality materials, but also because the gem setting is so precise. The label is headed by a duo who perfectly complement each other: Laurence Aerens and Thierry Spitaels. BIGLI’s jewels often have unique colours thanks to the traditional technique which involves applying several layers of gems on top of each other. Thanks to this superposition the pieces have a different, deeper colour shade. Different lines have been released in just twenty years’ time. Yet, the brand’s main concern is to guarantee continuity by constantly reviewing and reinventing its collection with brilliant, complex variations. A very large range of colours with incredible effects: the smooth and gentle, round cabochons of the Mini Sweeties offer you a palette of 50 shades. All 100% natural, 100 % mineral. The rings, earrings and pendants are produced with the greatest care in 18-carat gold with the best quality diamonds and precious stones.
MINI SWEETY rings from
1460 - 4340 EURO
15.090 SEK - 47.800 SEK

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