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The Swedish jewelery company Arild Links was founded through the need and desire to contribute to change - a word that today sounds synonymous with the brand's foundation, process and vision.

As the first fine jewelery company in the world, Arild Links manufactures jewelery made of recycled metal from molten, illegal weapons together with gold, silver and diamonds. To date, the contribution of over 12,000 weapon picks has risen from the streets.

All jewelry made of Humanium Metal, as the recycled metal is called, is marked with the symbol Hu. Each individual piece of jewelery carries its own value and history, and by wearing the piece of jewelery, a stand is taken against violence, while at the same time contributing to the safety of people living in areas affected by high levels of crime and anxiety.

Gold and diamonds interspersed with smelted illegal firearms processed into charms.

Humanium Metal is the name of the metal that is created after smelting illegal weapons. Seized weapons in Central America melt down under the supervision of local authorities, power is refined raw material and makes the best for the production of peaceful products.

Changes Petite bracelet
Changes Petite is a junction of two worlds, with a rope handwoven in Morocco in collaboration with SËBOU. Changes Petite is a neat and elegant version of our popular Changes bracelets. This piece has an overall smaller appearance and rooted in the spirit of materials by using destructed illegal weapons and recycled PET. Changes Petite like all other products in the Changes collection collaborate with the organization The Non-Violence Project Foundation. Each of our jewellery sold with the Non-Violence symbol finances violence preventive education to people in the risk zone and contributes to a more peaceful world. Embodied with a history the bracelet is designed for casual wear and should be part of an everyday outfit as a symbol of your true values and a proud reminder of your support against gun violence.

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